Istanbul-o-matik: You can find detailed information about the project here.

RGL: A research oriented OpenGL wrapper and support library written in C. This project has its own page.

CRY: I've been involved in a Visualization project with Deniz Gul. The project is aimed to create tear drops in real time. Here is a "work in progress" video:

We are working on a framework to be used for AR applications:

INTERACTING ROTATING FRAMES WITH PARTICLE BASED FLUID SIMULATORS: Fluid simulators are widely used in the movie industry for over decades, and nowadays gaming consoles and powerful graphical processing units are capable of generating realistic fluid simulations in real-time. The goal of this paper is to improve one-way solid-to-fluid coupling to a physically sound level leading to improved physical accuracy and visual realism. Our contributions are: i- A novel algorithm to extend one-way solid-to-fluid coupled simulators to visualize challenging scenes caused by non-inertial rotating frames. ii- A generalized solution to include fictitious forces such as Centrifugal and Coriolis forces that have been neglected in the past. We have extended an existing SPH based fluid simulator to demonstrate our approach. The proposed solution does not add any significant computational costs on top of SPH based simulators.

msdSA: As a part of the graduation project co-developed a physical simulation using mass spring damper model. The design formed out to be a very fast surface simulator. The implementation also included integration with a Haptic device both for controls and feedback. The key features of the simulation are; Runge-Kutta Implementation for numerical integration, sparse matrix generation and computation, GPU usage for normal calculation and Phong shading (Supervisors: Selim Balcisoy and Serhat Yeşilyurt).