Getting Started with Vuforia and Android NDK for Augmented Reality Applications

  1. Setup your Android Development Environment.
  2. Setup your Android NDK Environment.
  3. Install Vuforia SDK.
    1. Download the newest release from
    2. Unzip the SDK to somewhere you like, ex:
    3. Set the QCAR Environment variable
      1. In Eclipse, go to Window->Preferences.
      2. Navigate to Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables using the hierarchy browser.
      3. Create a new variable by selecting New...
      4. Add:
        into the Name: field, and navigate using Folder... to the Vuforia SDK root folder. In ex:
  4. You are now ready to import one of the samples and start playig. Remember Vuforia SDK requires an actual Android Device it would not work on emulators.
  5. After importing samples, don't forget adding native support and setting up debugging flags for the NDK compiler, as described here