Getting started with QCAR

I have written a never version of this post with updated information, you can find it here.

  1. Get an account for QDevNet:
  2. Get another for QCAR SDK: I have no idea why, but you need different accounts for QDevNet and QCAR
    This is the account you will login to download SDK files, your password is sent via an email.
  3. Go to the main SDK page:
  4. Using the link above, download the distribution, you would like to use. I will continue this howto assuming you've downloaded, qcar-sdk-1.0.0.bin for linux.
  5. Open a terminal window
    1. cd into your downloads folder
    2. chmod 755 qcar-sdk-1.0.0.bin to set the executable bit.
    3. and run the installer via ./qcar-sdk-1.0.0.bin
    4. You can change the installation path as you like
  6. Set up environment variables
    1. Start Eclipse
    2. Window -> Preferences
    3. Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables
    4. set QCAR_SDK_ROOT as your installation directory
    5. default value is /home/yourUserName/Development/Android/qcar-sdk-xx-yy-zz
  7. Open a sample project
    1. In eclipse
    2. File -> Import
    3. Existing Projects into Workspace
    4. Select root directory: the default is
  8. Please keep in mind that these projects uses Native code development, so make sure that;
    1. Android NDK is installed
    2. ndk-builder is in path
    3. Set up eclipse to work with NDK projects