OpenCV on Android


How to: android-opencv development
  1. svn checkout android-opencv-read-only
  2. Steps 2, 6 and 7 are from the readme //may change in the future, so check before proceeding. ( )
    use crystax ndk 4 -
    OpenCV needs this custom NDK, which has STLport support
    Direct Download link: 
  3. Extract the downloaded file to: 
  4. Add NDK to your path
    1. open a text editor
    2. open ~/.bashrc file
    3. append the following lines (replace “mustafae” with your own username.
      export PATH
  5. sudo apt-get install swig
    //for automatic generation of native library bindings
  6. cd android-opencv-read-only/opencv
  7. sh
  8. Get a cup of tea.