Recently I have contributed to an interactive real-time mapping project to be showcased at first Istanbul Design Biennial. The "Istanbul-o-matik" can be seen at the Istanbul Modern until December 12, 2012.  Here you can find some articles about the project.

Currently, I work at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., as a Research Engineer.

I have received my PhD from cglab, Sabanci University, Turkey in 2013; under supervision of Selim Balcisoy. My thesis is titled: Scene Creation and Exploration in Outdoor Augmented Reality.

cglab is the Computer Graphics research laboratory of Computer Science and Engineering in Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Sabanci University, Turkey.

I worked as a Research Engineer at Gravi from 2012  to 2014.

I was a workshop chair for the first and second Computer Science Students Workshops in Istanbul, Turkey. You can find an electronic version of the proceedings of the first one here.

I was in Amsterdam during July-August 2010, attending the 6th summer workshop on multimodal interfaces (eNTERFACE'10). Here's a photo blog of our trip:

You can find photos from my recent trip to Canada and USA, here.